Vancouver, BC may seem like a beautiful Northwestern city full of culture, near some of the most scenic natural land in North America. But this peaceful town has a harsh, ghoulish dark side too. We are talking about a major metropolitan area that rioted over losing in the Stanley Cup Finals – TWO SEPARATE TIMES!

Laughing Boy seems to be a product of the latter part of BC – the part that lights police cars on fire when your first line cant score a goal in Boston against Tim Thomas. Though they’re called “D-beat” on their tags, I really don’t get that from them at all. There is the slight Discharge/Broken Bones guitar tone, maybe. Laughing Boy reminds me a lot of straight-forward USHC, but with a sound that’s blown to smithereens. I can see a lot of comparisons to Void, Poison Idea, and Die Kreuzen. There are even moments that reflect the Y2K thrash of Tear It Up. And the singer’s throat must be made of glasspacks, because he sounds like he’s shredded his larynx a time or two. The seven song demo ends with a ripper of a cover of Disclose’s “Conquest.”


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