When I first started the project of seeking out new punk bands’ demos, I expected it to be a hard one. I sort of saw myself like an anthropologist digging around the King’s Valley looking for the tomb of a mythic pharaoh. But it’s been pretty easy to find good ones. And in the case of the last two (TORPUR and Arrotzak) I found bands that blew me away. Being newly 38 years old – or 76 in punk years – I’m encouraged to see that the new generation of DIY weirdos are running with the torch.

That being said, sometimes it’s good to have a demo just fall in your lap without any research. And even better if it’s by a band of veterans of the underground. From the Future is a new band full of old timers. Fellow Nashvillians, they’ve paid their dues in other noise-rock and post hardcore bands I’ve seen around my town for as long as I have lived here. From the Future only have two songs available so far, but they come out of the gate hard. The first track (“Dictator,” for those who like titles) is a cyclone of political rage that sounds like the lost track from an AmRep comp. It lies somewhere in the circles of Hammerhead, Rapeman, or the more chaotic end of math rock spectrum. The second track – “Keg Killer” – is a short blast of blown-out funky post punk a la Big Boys, Minutemen, or The Dicks. These dudes make some ugly rock.


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